Cigarette Box, Regent, with Yellowish-White Free of Tax Stamp

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Regent Cigarettes

This rare and opened but unused box of twenty Regent king size cigarettes was manufactured by the Riggio Tobacco Corporation, New York at factory number 94, 1st District, State of New York. The king size cigarette was over 20 percent longer than the old-style cigarette (85mm instead of 70mm). The size of this cigarette is nowadays standard for most cigarettes and was introduced for the first time in 1939 by Pall Mall. The factory information and caution notice are printed on the back of this box.

Affixed across the back and right side is a free of tax stamp with an unusual design which is torn. The wording on the stamp contains a specific mention of the Territories of Alaska and Hawaii.

The Regent cigarette brand distinguished itself through the manufacture of oval shape cigarettes which were packed in a crush-proof box to provide the perfect smoking condition. During WWII Regent printed patriotic messages on the back of the cigarette boxes that were manufactured for civilian consumption.

Stamp Design

The stamp of this Regent cigarette box is yellowish white in color and the design is based on a horizontal layout. The text on the stamp is printed in red, surrounded by two red squares and aligned to both the left and right margins by adding extra space between the words when necessary. The last line, however, is aligned to the left margin. The full text is literally retyped below.

FREE of TAX. For use only
U. S. Military or Naval Forces
in Alaska and Hawaii, or for
use outside the jurisdiction
of the Int. Rev. laws of the
U. S. This product is admitted

free  of  duty.

Notice that the “of” word is missing between the “only U. S.” part on this free of tax stamp. I have never seen another WWII period free of tax stamp where this word is missing.


This cigarette box is in good condition.

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