Cigarette Pack, Pall Mall, with Brownish-Yellow Free of Tax Stamp

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Pall Mall Cigarettes

This unopened pack of twenty Pall Mall king size cigarettes was manufactured by the American Cigarette and Cigar Company, Incorporated (a subsidiary of The American Tobacco Company) at factory number 60, District of North Carolina. In 1939, Pall Mall was the first cigarette brand to introduce the king size cigarette which was over 20 percent longer than the old-style cigarette (85mm instead of 70mm). The size of this “modern design” cigarette is nowadays standard for most cigarettes. The factory information and caution notice are printed on the right side of this pack.

Affixed across the top is a free of tax stamp which is still intact. The wording on the stamp contains a specific mention of the Territories of Alaska and Hawaii. Also notice the grayish colored inner packaging paper which is peculiar to cigarette packs manufactured from 1942 until 1945.

During WWII Pall Mall printed a large “V for Victory” and three dots and a dash, which indicates the letter “V” in Morse code, on the back of their cigarette packs. Both symbols were used extensively in the United States and the United Kingdom as well as in the occupied countries during WWII to bolster the morale.

Stamp Design

The stamp of this Pall Mall cigarette pack is brownish yellow in color and the design is based on a horizontal layout. The text on the stamp is printed in dark red, surrounded by a dark red square and aligned to both the left and right margins by adding extra space between the words when necessary. The last line, however, is aligned to the left margin. The full text is literally retyped below.

Free of Tax—For use only
of U. S. military or naval
forces in Alaska and Hawaii,
or for use outside the juris-
diction of the internal rev-
enue laws of the United
States. This product is ad-

mitted free of duty.

The stamp of this Pall Mall cigarette pack is exactly the same as the stamp of the Lucky Strike cigarette pack. Both brands were manufactured by The American Tobacco Company.


This cigarette pack is in mint condition; the cellophane is still present and intact.

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