Cigarette Pack, Donated, Lucky Strike, with Popsicle Stamp

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Lucky Strike Cigarettes

This rare and unopened pack of twenty Lucky Strike cigarettes was manufactured by The American Tobacco Company, Incorporated at factory number 30, District of North Carolina. The factory information and caution notice are printed on the right side of this pack.

Affixed across the top is a Popsicle stamp which is still intact. This type of stamp indicates a gift offered by Popsicle. Popsicle is the brand name for a piece of flavored ice on a small stick. This world famous water-based frozen snack was accidentally “invented” in 1905 by an eleven-year-old boy named Frank Epperson. He mixed some powdered flavoring for soft drinks with water and after a long day of play he forgot about his drank which he left accidentally outside, with the stirring stick still in it. That night, the temperature dropped below freezing and the next morning Frank discovered the drink had frozen to the stick. Frank knew he had a great idea on his hands which he eventually called the Popsicle; he patended his invention in 1923. Several years later, during the Great Depression, the double-stick Popsicle was invented which became very popular. This ice pop with two sticks allowed families that were short on cash to buy one treat, split it, and feed two kids for the same price as a single ice pop. A pre-WWII period advertisment for this double-stick Popsicle is shown on the right.

Notice the grayish colored inner packaging paper which is peculiar to cigarette packs manufactured from 1942 until 1945.

In 1942 Lucky Strike also contributed to the war effort by changing the color of their cigarette packs from dark green to white. The gold colored trim which was used on the borders, bottom and sides was also dropped. The full story can be read here.

Lucky Strike was one of the most familiar brands among the G.I.’s and according to some veterans the red “bullseye” logo of Lucky Strike cigarette packs had a useful purpose because it was a perfect size to fit over a TL-122 flashlight lens and provide dimmer illumination.

Stamp Design

The stamp of this Lucky Strike cigarette pack is yellowish white in color and the design is based on a horizontal layout. The text on the stamp is printed in dark red, surrounded by a dark red square and centered. The full text is literally retyped below.





This cigarette pack is in very good condition; the cellophane is still present and intact.

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