Lucky Strike Cigarette Packs

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In 1942 Lucky Strike also contributed to the war effort by changing the color of their cigarette packs from dark green to white. The gold colored trim which was used on the borders, bottom and sides was also dropped. With the famous slogan “Lucky Strike green has gone to war” The American Tobacco Company claimed the change was made because the critical war materials chromium and copper were saved this way from the green and gold inks, respectively. In addition, the cost of printing was reduced because the metallic based inks were more expensive.

The story above is true, however, the real reason why The American Tobacco Company redesigned their cigarette packs was much simpler, though never officially publicized. After some extensive market research, in an effort to increase sales, they found out that the dark-green cigarette packs were unattractive to female smokers and at about that time it was becoming more fashionable for women to smoke. While their loved ones were fighting abroad, women were called upon to take over the traditional male jobs. This increased their social freedom because many of them worked outside their homes for the first time. The millions of women which were part of the home front labor force had regular smoking breaks for the first time and so were the fastest growing group of smokers. The war provided a convenient way to make Lucky Strike more marketable and by becoming patriotic they not only contributed to the war effort but also increased sales by 38% in a year.